House Rules

LAIYA COCO GROVE BEACH RESORT is your “home” away from home. It is our goal to let our guests enjoy nature and create lasting memories with family and friends. We want our guests to have a worthwhile stay in our resort, thus, it is very much appreciated that our simple house rules will be followed. Thank you very much!
General Rules
  1. We all want to have a great time while having our vacation, therefore, let us respect each other, be on our good behavior and have fun. The resort has the right to evict anyone causing disturbance and/or harassment to other guests and our staffs.
  2. The resort has the right to inspect the bags upon arrival and departure. Bringing home any non-consumable items from the resort is strongly discouraged. Each item will be charged accordingly to your account.
  3. Deadly weapons are strictly prohibited. Service firearms must be turned over to our Security Office.
  4. Let us keep our surroundings clean and green. Kindly throw your garbage at the designated trash bins around the resort.
  5. Smoking is bad for everyone's health and is strictly prohibited inside the resort. As per R. A. 9211, smoking is NOT allowed in public places. Smoking is ONLY allowed at the Parking Area and the Sampaloc Terrace, thus, a P500 fine will be charged from the violators.
  6. Bringing in of own food is NOT allowed inside the main resort. Corkage fees shall apply and a liability form must be signed by the guests who brought the food in the resort. Only water, dried finger foods and chips will be allowed. CORKAGE FEES shall be implemented for the following beverages:
    • Softdrinks
      • Bottled and Canned (200ml to 330ml)P5/bottle P120/case
      • 500 mlP10/bottle
      • 1000mlP20/bottle

    • Single Serve Alcoholic Beverages (Vodka, Beer, etc.)
      • Bottled (less than 500ml)P10/bottle
      • Bottled (500ml)P20/bottle
      • CannedP10/can

    • Still wine
      • 750ml to 1000mlP100/bottle

    • Hard liquor
      • Local brandP100/bottle
      • Imported brandP200/bottle

  1. Room keys are entrusted to you upon check in. Kindly take good care of the keys as a P600 fee per missing key shall be charged to your account.
  2. Eating and drinking inside the room are strictly prohibited. You may do them at the porches or balconies of your accommodation.
  3. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the room. As per R. A. 9211, smoking is NOT allowed in public places. Smoking is ONLY allowed at the Parking Area Sampaloc Terrace, thus, a P500 fine will be charged from the violators.
  4. It would be appreciated that the beddings, linens, pillows, and towels will NOT be taken out of the room. Kindly hang your towels if you wish to use them again. When you need towels for swimming or new set of towels for your room, you may request them at the Reception area. A P650 fee shall be charged to your account for missing and/or heavily stained items mentioned above.
  5. Other missing, vandalized and broken items inside the room will be charged to your account accordingly.
  6. Please use our foot wash bidets which are available outside your accommodation to wash off the sands before entering your room.
  7. We would very much appreciate your help in conserving the resort’s energy by turning-off the lights and air-conditioning unit when you leave the room for your day’s activities.
  8. Kindly turn off water faucets and showers when not in use. Please also be reminded that water from the faucets and showers are NOT for drinking. Bottled waters are available for sale at the bar near the Dining Pavillion.
Water Safety (Swimming Pool and Beach)
  1. We prioritize the safety of our guests. Children must be accompanied by adults at all times.
  2. Unruly behavior is strictly prohibited whether swimming in the pool or beach. The resort has the right to disallow guests with rough behavior to swim or partake to any water activity.
  3. Drinking alcohol and swimming DO NOT complement each other. We would like to request the guests to drink moderately and avoid swimming when drunk to prevent accidents and even death.
  4. Water activities such as kayaking, boating, etc. are available for the enjoyment of the guests. It is important to wear a life vest while doing these activities for safety reasons.
  5. Marine creatures are nice to see and tempting to hold but for safety reasons, it is better for the guests NOT to touch them since it may cause some injuries and at times can be lethal.
  6. Kindly stay within the parameters of the swimming area (with buoy markers) to prevent any accidents.
  7. Keep our surroundings clean. Kindly throw your garbage at the designated trash bins around the area.
  8. Should you need any medical assistance with water related activities, our life guard and resort nurse are available to serve you at our front desk or clinic.
  9. Kindly wear proper swimming attire because Laiya Coco Grove is a family oriented resort.
Swimming Pool
  1. Diving is NOT allowed at the swimming pool area since it is only 4 feet deep.
  2. Use proper swimming attire and take a shower before dipping inside the pool.
  3. Food and beverages are NOT allowed near the swimming pool area.
  4. Use of swimming pool is until 10:00pm ONLY.
  1. Swimming along the beach is until 6pm only.
  1. Videoke rental may be pre-arranged with the Receptionist and can be set-up at Sampaloc Terrace or Function Room ONLY.
  2. Use of Videoke is from 8:00am to 10:00pm ONLY as per local barangay ordinance.
  3. Kindly control the volume of the Videoke in consideration for the other guests.
  1. Pets are NOT allowed inside the resort premises.
Person With Disability
  1. Persons with Disability are given special attention at our resort.
  2. We would implore guests to also give them the same respect and attention.
  3. Any assistance given is highly appreciated.
  1. Free parking space are provided for our guests.
  2. Park at the assigned space as directed by our security personnel.
  3. Kindly make sure that the vehicles are locked and valuables are secured properly. The Resort shall NOT be liable for any loss or damages in and within the vehicle.
  • Indoor Activities
    • Pocket BilliardsPhp 150.00 per hour
    • Table TennisPhp 50.00 per hour
    • DartsPhp 40.00 per hour
    • Board Games (Chess, Generals, Scrabble and others)Php 35.00 per hour
    • VideokePhp 1,750.00 per day

  • Outdoor Actvities
    • Beach VolleyballFree of charge
    • TrampolineFree of charge
    • Obstacle Course ChallengePhp 80.00 per head
    • Boating*Php 2,000.00 per hour
    • Banana Boat**Php 1,500.00 for 15 mins. (5pax)
    • Flying Fish**Php 1,800.00 for 15 mins. (5pax)
    • Jet skiing**Php 2,500.00 per 30 mins.
    • KayakPhp 250.00 per hour
    • SnorkelingPhp 200.00 per set

*Bancas are available upon request for fishing, beach hopping, and snorkeling.

*Rates vary per boat/size number of passengers.

**Jet skis and banana boats are available for hire on a time charge basis.

NOTE: Rent of boats (bancas), Banana Boats and Jet Skis are coordinated with our third-party contractors, if you wish to rent any of the above recreation, kindly advise our staff ahead of time. Some activities may require liability forms which are available at the Reception.


Other Safety Precautions
  1. Wear protective footwear to prevent stepping on corals, rocks, etc. causing injuries and traumas.
  2. Use sun blocks with at least SPF 20 for UV Ray protection and to avoid sun burns.
  3. Drink plenty of water or fluids to avoid dehydration.
  4. Do not leave your valuables unattended.
  5. Feel free to approach any of our staffs for your concerns. We will be happy to serve you at the best that we can.
Other Services
  • Laundry Service
  • Traditional Massage
  • Day Tour Package
  • Group / Company Outing
  • Team Building Activities
  • Wedding Package
  • Birthday Package
  • Debut Package
  • Catering Service
Emergency Numbers
  • LCG Reception: +639088960776
  • LCG Makati Mobile: +639088960774
  • LCG Makati Landline: +6328941057; +6328926009
  • SLEX Hotline: +639088807539; +63495087539; +63495928956 to 60
  • STAR Tollway: +63437572277; +63437567870
  • PNP Calabarzon: +639276000834; +63439800400